Saturday, 2 December 2017

Azog The Defiler

I started a new project and this time it is a drawing that will be given as a gift for Christmas to a big Azog fan!

This is the first time i draw a portrait and so far i am enjoying it. For this drawing i'm using the open stock of Prismacolor pencils that i have. I have been using 3 shades of blue, a purple, cream, peach and some shades of grey so far. In the first step i started to draw the scars on Azog's face and put the darker shades of blue. 

At the next stage i started working on his armour and fur. I also darkened up the face a bit more, however i will still need to add more shades and tones before i consider the face done. The armour will be done with grays and blues to create a metal effect but for that update you will have to wait a little bit more!


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