Friday, 15 December 2017

Azog The Defiler Finished

Here is the next update on Azog! (which i finished today!)

I will show you my updates from my last post up until the final result. 

I started working on the armor after my last post and got the details in place. This was all done with light tones of blues, greys and a Indigo blue. 
After putting a base layer on the armor i added some of the dark background to create a contrast.

In the next step i darkened up most of the shoulder pad and added details and color to some of the fur. I also went back to work on Azog's face as it was not nearly dark enough. I started to add shades of warm dark grey to make the shaded half of his face. 
After that i decided to work more on the background. 

In the final steps of this drawing i added more dark all around and highlights and colors to the fur and iron. Last thing to do was the color and shades in his eyes which also added the finishing touch. 

This drawing is going to be a gift for a big Azog fan!
In the near future i might also make a drawing of Bolg to complete the Family line!


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