Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Froot Loops Step by Step Colored Pencil Drawing

This is a step by step process of my Froot Loops colored pencil drawing that i made for the colored pencil magazine October challenge.
I'm glad to announce that this drawing won the advanced category price and the results can be found here:

In this post i will guide you through the process of how my drawing came to be and i will do my best to give explanatory comments with all the images / steps that i photographed.

This drawing was made using Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on 8x11 Inch Canson Mi-Teintes paper.
 After outlining all the loops i started working on the left side of the drawing, which might seem a bit weird as i am primarily left handed. (i can use both hands, but for drawing i mostly use the left as it is my most steady hand)
This half of the drawing had most of the loops, which is why i wanted to start on this side. 
I started out with a loop of each color, which luckily was not that hard as they were all kind of close together. This helped me create some color values between the different colors. 

From here on i started to work upwards and while drawing i made adjustments to loop locations and outlines as needed. As you can see i did make some darker shades, however i skipped making the shaded areas their definitive color until the last stage where all the loops would be done.
Note that i also did not work on any of the milk surrounding the loops, that as well i left till i finished all the loops. 

From this step onward you can probably notice that i blocked in all the darker spots on the loops. To do this i was scrolling/ zooming in on my reference photo and working loop by loop.

The next steps are working in the same style as before to keep on creating more and more loops.

At this point pretty much all the loops have a base layer of color and i was ready to start on the next step which is defining all the shaded parts on the loops (especially the shadows cast from a loop next or on top of another loop) .

As you can see most of my loops now have shadows on and around them. I also darkened most of them a bit more compared to the last stage. I did this by looking at my reference photo without zooming in and noticed that they had to be a lot darker then they actually were. 

I also started on the bowl which i gave a base layer of greens, yellows and blues. After that it started on the milk. You can see the start of this on the upper left corner. For the milk i used a mix of grays and light blues. 

I continued working on the milk and made sure to finish it before starting on the bowl and spoon. 
For the darker shades in the milk i used a mix of darker cold grays with different colors (red, greens etc) After that i started working on the spoon which was made using different tones of cold grays and a few tones of blue. For the really dark i used a mix of indigo blue and black. 

After this i finished up the bowl with more layers of colors, i kept the bowl to last so i could adjust the contrast to the loops and add some shadows around the bowl. 

And with that the drawing was done.

I hope this explains my drawing process a bit more and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to contact me and ask!

- Stefan 

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