Friday, 8 September 2017

Toy Color Watercolors Review

Another review of a product from the Italian company Toy Color. 
For this painting I used a set of 6 Two-colored Tablets watercolors!
I worked on a rough handmade watercolor paper, and I really enjoyed how this turned out. 

The watercolors are split in two wells so to easily mix another color, but they can also be mixed in any other combination.
I first tried the colors two by two as they come in the set, but I found that some do not give a very vibrant result, such as the red and yellow. 

Compared to their regular watercolor set, these are not very pigmented and seem more chalky.
The thing I did not like the most is that the palette is quite limited and the colors are not vibrant and bright.
I did however mange to achieve a good result by using only a few color and layering enough to get the brightness I was after!

I also layered over some of their pearly watercolors (as seen above), which gave much more color intensity and a beautiful pearlescent finish!
I definitely enjoyed working with the pearly watercolors more, the color range is higher and they seem much more pigmented. They also leave a very nice shine and don't shift color much once dry.
I liked that they aren't transparent enough to layer over other watercolors but you could still paint with them alone just as well.

They can be used with any watercolor brand, professional or student grade.
The colors are a mix between bright and pastels and I find that very useful for layering.
I recommend these as an affordable alternative to other pearlescent watercolors from bigger brands!


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