Friday, 29 September 2017

Bruynzeel Design Colored pencils

In the past few years i have tried many different brands of colored pencils, because I am always curious about new products. (or products that are new to me)
I found these pencils open stock on discount so i purchased the full range (48 colors).

I can't seem to find any information on if these are oil or wax based however based on the manufacturers description they are professional / artist grade with excellent light fastness.

First thing i did was make a color chart and they are quite true to the color indicated on the barrel.
For this drawing i worked on a 6x8 sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes paper

The first thing I noticed was that they leave a lot of buildup and they are very soft / breakable. They  Crumble if you press firmly, but even if they are just sharpened to a point, the tip crumbles off as it touches the paper.

I don't have a heavy hand and i layer a lot, so this did not happen to me before, not even with Prismacolors. I like a pencil to hold a sharp point and not leave a massive amount of residue on the paper while working as the smudges that result from this can cause serious problems on a work.

The pencils do not blend very well and they don't take many layers. After 3-4 layers they saturate the paper making it impossible to add more layers on top.
I used Gamsol to blend, which seemed to help quite a bit and i managed to achieve a smoother finish with a more even coverage.

In my opinion these pencils are not very suitable for very fine detailed work that requires many pencil layers. Since my style is leaning towards photo-realism, i  aim for fine details and a smooth blend between colors, and I could not really achieve this using these pencils.

They are however a good buy (price/quality) for a beginner or a student to experiment with and get familiar with colored pencils as a medium.

I now use them for quick sketches or for my art journal.

You can find more info about the full range  on the manufacturers website:

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