Friday, 29 September 2017

Bruynzeel Design Colored pencils

In the past few years i have tried many different brands of colored pencils, because I am always curious about new products. (or products that are new to me)
I found these pencils open stock on discount so i purchased the full range (48 colors).

I can't seem to find any information on if these are oil or wax based however based on the manufacturers description they are professional / artist grade with excellent light fastness.

First thing i did was make a color chart and they are quite true to the color indicated on the barrel.
For this drawing i worked on a 6x8 sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes paper

The first thing I noticed was that they leave a lot of buildup and they are very soft / breakable. They  Crumble if you press firmly, but even if they are just sharpened to a point, the tip crumbles off as it touches the paper.

I don't have a heavy hand and i layer a lot, so this did not happen to me before, not even with Prismacolors. I like a pencil to hold a sharp point and not leave a massive amount of residue on the paper while working as the smudges that result from this can cause serious problems on a work.

The pencils do not blend very well and they don't take many layers. After 3-4 layers they saturate the paper making it impossible to add more layers on top.
I used Gamsol to blend, which seemed to help quite a bit and i managed to achieve a smoother finish with a more even coverage.

In my opinion these pencils are not very suitable for very fine detailed work that requires many pencil layers. Since my style is leaning towards photo-realism, i  aim for fine details and a smooth blend between colors, and I could not really achieve this using these pencils.

They are however a good buy (price/quality) for a beginner or a student to experiment with and get familiar with colored pencils as a medium.

I now use them for quick sketches or for my art journal.

You can find more info about the full range  on the manufacturers website:

Friday, 8 September 2017

Toy Color Watercolors Review

Another review of a product from the Italian company Toy Color. 
For this painting I used a set of 6 Two-colored Tablets watercolors!
I worked on a rough handmade watercolor paper, and I really enjoyed how this turned out. 

The watercolors are split in two wells so to easily mix another color, but they can also be mixed in any other combination.
I first tried the colors two by two as they come in the set, but I found that some do not give a very vibrant result, such as the red and yellow. 

Compared to their regular watercolor set, these are not very pigmented and seem more chalky.
The thing I did not like the most is that the palette is quite limited and the colors are not vibrant and bright.
I did however mange to achieve a good result by using only a few color and layering enough to get the brightness I was after!

I also layered over some of their pearly watercolors (as seen above), which gave much more color intensity and a beautiful pearlescent finish!
I definitely enjoyed working with the pearly watercolors more, the color range is higher and they seem much more pigmented. They also leave a very nice shine and don't shift color much once dry.
I liked that they aren't transparent enough to layer over other watercolors but you could still paint with them alone just as well.

They can be used with any watercolor brand, professional or student grade.
The colors are a mix between bright and pastels and I find that very useful for layering.
I recommend these as an affordable alternative to other pearlescent watercolors from bigger brands!


Monday, 4 September 2017

Toy Color Acrylic Paints Review

This painting was made using Toy Color acrylic glossy and matte hobby paints. I was trying them out for the first time and i thought a bright colorful painting would be a good choice to see how they perform.

I especially liked the matte paints, they mix and layer nicely, have a better coverage than the glossy ones and they dry with a matte aspect which make it easier to scan and photograph the artwork.

The white from the series is very opaque and covers pretty much ANY color including the darker ones.
For this painting I used purple, dark and light green, red, orange and two shades yellow. ( you can see the colors in the picture below)
Some of these, such as the purple, green and white were matte.

The glossy paints seem more liquid and are not as consistent as the matte ones. It took a few layers to cover the surface so that any under layers don't shine through.
They do mix nicely together so that's a plus point.

I thought the glossy colors were not as vibrant as the others. I had to put down many layers to achieve vibrant and bright result where I needed.

Over all I think these are a nice product for their intended purpose ( hobby, decorative art ), I would however say that the matte paints performed better.

I will give these a try with geli printing, I think they would create some interesting backgrounds !


Friday, 1 September 2017

Hand-Made Fall Decor

If you ever wondered what an artist does in his/her spare time, then i can hopefully give some insight. In my spare time i play board games, computer games, read books and i crochet!

I made this wreath since i wanted some new fall decor. The pattern for this wreath was bought on Etsy and i made it over the time span of a few days. I only worked on it for 1-2 hours per day and it took me about 3 days to complete.

The wreath is very easy to make and adjustable to the size of your Styrofoam ring.
We don't have much red or brown in the house and the original pattern had plenty of brown and red in it so i adjusted the colors to fit our home decor.

Hopefully that gives a bit of insight on what i do in my free time! 
I will also make a post in the future to show what books i read/ have read or other projects that i have made.