Saturday, 30 April 2016

ToyColor Watercolor paint

It has been a busy week with a lot of custom orders and work around the house. This left me with little time to update my blog and facebook page.

I received a few boxes of watercolors from ToyColor to try and to give my opinion on them.
I first tried the 24 set of watercolors below

These watercolors are suitable for hobby and school.
Using this set i made the painting below (the painting is entirely made using these watercolors)

It's always a challenge to change from professional grade materials!
Here is what i think about these paints.

Plus points: 
I like the color range, especially the turquoise and flesh color. I used the flesh color on the flowers and mixed with the pink it created a very nice gradient. 

You can make nice pastel shades with them. 

The colors are transparent and you can easily layer colors on top of each other to achieve different tones. 

The pigments are liftable, so if you make a mistake it is easy to fix. 

The box can be folded in half and is practical to carry around.

The plastic cover can be used as a mixing pallet. 

Minus Points:
Some of the colors are not very pigmented( the blue, yellow and orange), but the browns, black and reds seem to have more pigment. Overall the pigment level varies per color. 

The cakes are quite hard and you need to add a lot of water to release the pigment.

They don't really blend with each other when using a wet on wet technique. If you put 2 wet colors next to each other they do not merge. They also seem to stay on top of the paper. 

The sets come only with a flat brush. In my opinion a round brush would also be nice to have (for the painting above i used a Winsor & Newton cotman round synthetic brush as i almost never paint with flat brushes)

Overall its a good school and hobby set, but there is always room for improvement! :)

I'm looking forward to try the pearly/ metallic watercolors. I think those would be really great for crafting, layering and art journaling. 
I will post a review about those soon!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Celebration Drawing Finished

After being sick and slowly getting back into painting and drawing i finally managed to finish my drawing "Celebration".
The drawings also had to be put aside for a while as i have multiple custom orders open, but i managed to find some time and finish it nonetheless.

The drawing is made with Faber-Castell Polychromos on Fabrianno drawing paper 5.5x8 Inch

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Watercolor Birds

During the last few days i have had the bad luck of being struck by a cold. Thanks to this i have not been able to sleep properly nor do any work. Today however i was finally feeling better and with that i went back to work if only for a few hours. 

Here are some new watercolors i made today: 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Older Drawings

These are two older drawings that i made as part of a mini series of succulent drawings.
I like how these little plants are so full of color and that was why i decided i wanted to draw them.

Perhaps in the near future i might draw a few more.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Work In Progress Update

I worked a bit on my new pencil drawing by adding a more details and layers to it.
With almost all the details in place it will not take that much longer to finish.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Work in progress "Celebration"

A new month and a new drawing. This time i chose celebration as a theme. i know its a bit early, but if you think about it its only 8 months till Christmas. I think this drawing would make a nice printed postcard / greeting card one its done. 

This drawing is being made with Faber-Castell Polychromos on Fabrianno drawing paper. 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

White Nights Watercolours Review

I recently purchased a set of  12 White Nights watercolors and have been trying them out in my bird and landscape paintings. I must admit that these are my new favorite watercolors.
I own multiple watercolor brands, however i find myself getting this set out every time i'm about to start a new painting. I would really like to have the 36 pan set, however they were not available in the local store where i usually buy my materials.

What i really like about these paints is that they are very creamy and pigmented. The colors are very bright and they do not have a big color shift once they dry. So what you see when the color is wet, is pretty much what you will get as a final result. 
They pans stay creamy after using them and they do not crack or dry excessively. This way when you start to paint with them again they are ready to mix with just a little bit of water.  

The colors mix very well together and you can obtain a lot of nice shades even with the set of 12. 
They can be either transparent or opaque depending on the pigment / water ratio used. 
This is great if you want to cover previous layers. 
You can also obtain beautiful washes and overlay colors when you dilute them with more water.

Most of the colors have good light-fastness (as also stated on the producer's website) so they are safe to use for professional works that need to last a lifetime. Some of the colors (especially the blues and browns) lift very easy, so if you make a mistake or want to add some highlights you can lift the pigment by using a harder brush. 

Overall it's a very versatile product and great value for money. They are definitely in the more affordable range of artist grade materials. The small set is perfect for taking with you on the go, as it offers a good variety of colors and can use the lid of the box as a mixing palette. 

I whole heartily recommend these, if they are available in your region give them a try!
I will make sure i stock on a few sets to introduce them during my summer workshops. 

I am not affiliated with the company that makes them and this is just my personal review and opinion. I always like to share quality art materials and i was really impressed with these watercolors!

If you want to see a color chart of the full 36 range and the light-fastness of each color here is a link to the producer's website: