Saturday, 26 March 2016

Work in progress "Easter Rabbit"

Here is the next work in progress. I decided to make a little Easter bunny as Easter is only 3 days away. For this drawing i am using Derwent Artist pencils and i will include a review of these pencils once the drawing is done.

The Artist pencils come in a range of 120 colors which can be purchased in a set of 72 with the remaining 48 pencils bought separately (Open stock pencils can be a pain to get depending on where you live) or a wooden box which contains all 120 pencils.  The wooden box will cost you an arm and a leg though (on dickblick the box would be 183$, where the set of 72 would cost 87$)

So far the pencils seem to be better then the studio pencils. They are a bit more pigmented and seem to layer on the paper easier. They also blend better with a spirit blender, but they do suffer from clumping if you try to blend layers of colors. It seems that around 3 layers of color it just becomes harder and harder to add layers. 

Once the drawing is done i will do a final review of the pencils

Until next time happy drawing!

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