Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Work in progress and Derwent studio pencils review

I have had a set of Derwent Studio pencils laying around for a while now and i thought it was finally time to give them a go and what better way to test pencils then with a drawing.

I decided i would draw a few roses. I started with the pinks and reds on the flower petals and quickly noticed that the pigment in the colors that i was using where not very intense and it took a few layers to get the desired color intensity. The choice of pinks and reds is also very poor - only 9 in this spectrum. Needless to say after only the first few petals i was pretty annoyed and frustrated about the quality and was about ready to give up.

To add to the above: these pencils are a blending nightmare and i only got the blending half decently done using an odorless mineral spirit. Even so the pigment gets lifted and moved around rather then blending into each other and into the paper.

The pigment has a tendency to clump on top of the paper. No matter how much you try these pencils are almost unblendable, even with other pencils from the set. In the image above you can see the blending between the pink and purple does not transition smoothly, leaving a horrible mess.

After 3 layers of color the paper becomes to saturated with wax from the pencils and they hardly take anymore layers. Putting a darker color on the lighter one makes the colors clump as can be seen in the previous image. On the green leaves of the rose you can see the wax build up / clumping which does not go away with blending.

These pencils are labeled as Student grade, however they are not worth the money! (ranging from 90$ for the full set) Since i don't like to leave work unfinished i will continue this drawing and work on the second rose. Once the drawing is done i will post the final result and a final review on the Derwent studio pencil set, however i do not think my opinion will change much.

Keep a eye out for part 2 of this work in progress!
Happy Drawing and until next time


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