Sunday, 20 March 2016

Step by step drawing "Wild Boar"

Here is the next step by step guide of one of my colored pencil drawings. 
In this post i will show you how i worked on this cute and curious boar. 

This drawing was made using Derwent Coloursoft Pencils on Daler-Rowney Fine Grain -Heavyweight Paper. (please note that i am not affiliated with either brands, but i have added links to materials used for people that might be interested) 

1. After making the basic sketch of the boar i went straight on to a light layer of color on the boar. I added some darker colors around the head to define it more and then moved on to the boar's snout. 
I layered multiple skin tones (peach, pink and blush pink) together with reds and purples ( Loganberry, Blackberry and Scarlet)

The nose holes of the snout are made using multiple colors instead of a black pencil, for this i used dark blues and purples.

2. I added some more reds, browns and purples to the nose and decide it was time to move on to the fur. I started with lighter layers and worked on to the dark layers. i also made the legs on the boar leaving white patches for snow. 

3. I found that after doing the entire fur coat of the boar that i had to much dark colors in certain area's and i erased some of it replacing it with lighter colors.

I also started working on the background in this phase. The trees in the far back are done with a light grey pencil. The more forward the foliage is the darker the grey tone is ( in order from light to dark: Dove Grey, Steel Grey, Persian Grey and Mid Grey)

The snow on both the ground and the legs of the boar are done with light blues, greens and greys (Cloud blue, Green Grey, Pale Mint and Dove Grey)

Here is a quick distant view of the work at stage 3. I stepped back a moment to see what needs work. I looked for specific areas of the drawing that popped out to much or needed some more detail to make it more noticeable.

4: The Final result

From the last stage up to this point i added the background and a bit more shading to the snow. As well as a few darker layers on the snout and some whiskers

This drawing took 15 hours to complete. The coloursoft pencils don't blend that great compared to other brands such as Faber-Castell Polychromos or Prismacolor. So it took a while to get the desired coverage without saturating the paper. Due to this the drawing looked gritty and had to be blended a lot to cover the white of the paper for a smooth look. 

Until the next time!
Happy drawing

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