Monday, 21 March 2016

Step by Step drawing "Piglets"

Welcome back to another step by step demonstration of one of my colored pencil drawings.
This drawing was made straight after "Wild Boar" and uses most of the same colors.

This drawing was made using Derwent Coloursoft Pencils on Daler-Rowney Fine Grain -Heavyweight Paper. (please note that i am not affiliated with either brands, but i have added links to materials used for people that might be interested) 

1 The base layers of colors are put on in a thicker layer this time thanks to the "Wild Boar" drawing i already had the colors for the fur and noses in mind. I left the white fur parts colorless as these will be made later on with greys

2. In the next stage of the drawing i added even more colors and shading to the little piglets and defined their eyes, fur and snouts
As you can see on the white fur parts i have added some grey tones to give some depth

3. At this point i added more colors to the fur and snouts to define the shades even more and i started working on the snow. I only put a few light layers of shading to the snow to give indications as to where it will be.

4. This is the final result

At this point i have the entire background done (the background was done in 1 go) and i have defined the shadows in the snow and around the legs. 
For final details i used a white gel pen to add some snow on the piglets.

This drawing took 15 hours to complete. I had the same problem as on the "Wild Boar" drawing which was the blending of colors. But all in all i'm happy with the result!

Until the next time!
Happy drawing,

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