Saturday, 19 March 2016

Step by Step drawing "Marbles"

Over the next few days i will post a few more step by step stages of some of my colored pencil drawings. As with the "Red Glass" and "Butterfly" drawing i will show different stages of the drawing with an explanation of what was exactly being done at that stage.

Drawing colorful glass marbles was quite fun as it was my first time drawing realistic glass. 
It was a challenge to make sure all the light reflections where in the right place and to keep a glaze on the marbles to give them a nice shiny glass like surface.

This drawing was made using Derwent Coloursoft Pencils on Daler-Rowney Fine Grain -Heavyweight Paper. (please note that i am not affiliated with either brands, but i have added links to materials used for people that might be interested) 

1. After sketching all the marbles i put a light layer of color on all the marbles and decide to start with the ones that had the most intense and dark colors. I started out with the black marble on the left. After that i put some color on the red marbles.

2. The next marble was the center one and with the black marble next to it more refined and almost done i started putting on colors. Using the red and yellow on the black marble i was able to get the right intensity of colors. 

3. With the front colors in place i moved on to the colors that are visible on the inside of the marble. These colors had to be light, but yet defined to keep a level of depth and the glass effect of marbles. 
Especially the white lines where important for the illusion of depth.

4. After finishing up the previous marble (up to a satisfactory point), i went on to work on the next marble. The green yellow of this marble was tricky to get right as it was made of a blend of yellow and green colors from my pencil set. 

5. I left the green yellow marble at the point you see in this image and decided it was better to get some more marbles around it done so i could use those as a reference for the final layers of green and yellow. 
The swirls on the center front marble had a base layer of color from the first stage after sketching the drawing. I started with the bright colors and worked around the swirls one by one to make sure all the colors where in place. 

6. The next step was to define the colors and to fill in the dark center of the marble. The dark center helped the front colors "pop out". After a bit more of refining i decided to leave the marble as it was and move on to the next marbles. I do this quite often as this helps with getting the right contrast between marbles. If anything needs more color afterwards it is always easier to go back and add some color. 

7. I started working on the other marbles around the center. For most marbles i added another few layers of color, but no definitive layers. The dark and light blue marbles were the first to be done as they only had a small amount of different colors to them

8. After finishing up the blue marbles i move on to the remaining marbles and started with the ones that required the least amount of work. Most of the unfinished marbles left did not required much work. I left the small front center marble for last

9. The final result.
I added some glazing to the black marbles with white other then that i added shading and details where required. 

The drawing took about 30 hours to make but as i said it was the first time drawing realistic glass which made the drawing a fun challenge. 

A few tips for drawing glass. 
The color around reflections (as seen in the drawing on top of most marbles) are more pastel / faded then the rest of the colors. Make sure you define the reflective areas and work around them with light layers for a smooth transition from light to dark. 

Due to light reflecting through the glass you will have multiple shades of color. Work from lighter colors to dark to get the different shades. 

Until the next time!

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