Thursday, 24 March 2016

Rose Drawing and final review on Derwent Studio Pencils

My Rose drawing is finally finished and with it comes my definitive review on the Derwent Studio Pencils. Here is the final result

The drawing took about 3 hours to make thanks to horrible blending of the Studio Pencils. 
If this would have been done with for example Prismacolor or Faber-Castell Polychromos this would take half the time to complete.

In the close-up picture you can see the horrible blending and clumping these pencils suffer from. 

Here's my personal opinion about these pencils. 

- First of these pencils do not blend at all. I have probably set it a few times before and i will keep on saying it. The pigment left behind clumps, rather then blend into each other or the paper

- Secondly they are not very pigmented and you will need to either use very dark colors or press very hard the actually get them to leave some pigment behind (pinks and purples are particularly low in pigment)

- Thirdly they leave a lot of pigment residue on the drawing (especially when you need to press harder to get some color from your pencil) 

-  Lastly there is a very small range of reds, pinks and purples compared to the blues, greens and browns which are present in excess. 

The only plus point i found is that they erase very well, even with a regular eraser. 

I would personally return them if i could, however several months have passed since i purchased them so sadly this not an option. I really don't know if the pencils are just that bad or if i have a old / bad batch of pencils.

However if the pencils are as they should be then i do NOT recommend these pencils to anyone, especially not students or beginners. The quality of the pencils can be a huge turn-off and make you not want to try colored pencil drawing which is a very fun medium and full of possibilities with the right supplies.

I will do a review on the Derwent Artist Pencils next so keep an eye out for the review!

Until next time!


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