Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Drawing Challenge

I decided to do an art challenge involving inexpensive non artist grade materials.
For this challenge i bought a set of 24 colored pencils from ToyColor, the set of 24 pencils costed around 3 - 4€ in the supermarket i bought it from (i am not exactly sure on how much they were due to currency exchange rates)
I decided to make a bunny drawing since Easter is coming :)

A picture of the set and my drawing paper

I first sketched the outer lines of the rabbit and proceeded with coloring the head first using multiple layers of color. Then i colored the body, ears and added fur details with darker pencils. As a finishing touch i used a white gel pen to create some white hairs on the fur.

Here the drawing is done and took about 4 hours to complete

I'm quite happy with the results and the pencils performed better then expected. Some pencils are more pigmented then others especially the darks which seem a bit dry and not so intense. 
It took me a few layers to create the darker shadows. Otherwise they blended nicely and did not leave any residue pigment which was great!

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