Monday, 18 January 2016

New Watercolor Paintings

In the upcoming months i will be adding more watercolor paintings to my shop.
I made the first 4 today and they are now available in my Etsy shop!

 Click Here for these and more watercolor bird paintings.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Art On Auction

Some of my watercolor paintings are now on auction on Daily Paintworks. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to own an original painting. Auctions will stay up for 9 days. More auctions will be available in the next few days!

My Auctions 

Here are some examples of paintings that are on auction.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Selling Art On Etsy Guide - Part 1

Dear readers, 

I am making a series of posts to help other artists who are trying to sell their art on Etsy.

This is a free guide and i will cover multiple , in depth subjects over several posts. I am trying to keep my posts not too long and easy to follow!

This is a guide specifically for artists in traditional fine art (Oils, Colored Pencil, Watercolors etc.), who are selling or want to sell on Etsy. Please keep in mind that this guide might not apply to everyone, though some basics do apply to most online businesses. 

I am primarily a watercolor and colored pencil artist, i sell original work, and even though i offered prints at some point, i decided to go back to selling my originals only for now.
I have sold online, and specifically on Etsy since 2011, so all off this is based on my personal experience. Together both my Etsy shops have over 1000 sales.

I hope that some of the info here will help you better understand selling on this platform, improve your business and hopefully make a living as a full time online selling artist. 

Some basics

The first thing to keep in mind when opening your art shop on Etsy is to have a decent amount of inventory.  Preferably more than 50 items.
I noticed that once i added over 50 items, my views increased by a lot. 
This is because the more items you have, the more keywords and tags you will have and your items will be more likely to show up in search.
It's simple, if you vary your keywords enough, while keeping them relevant to your product, the chances are that when someone searches for something related you will show up in the results more than others.
Less items, means fewer keywords, so you will show up less.

Unless your items are very specific and you are in a niche market, i encourage you to add a greater inventory.

Use the sections in your shop to make it easier for buyers who land on your main shop page to navigate and browse your shop.
You can sort your items by size, media, originals or prints, custom or ready to ship ad so on. It all depends on what you are selling.

Add a link to other similar items in your shop at the end of the product description.
This is especially helpful for those who find your product through search and land on the product page, not on your main shop page.
For example, if you have a listing for a flower oil painting, and you have more similar paintings in your shop, somewhere in the description of your flower painting, after you mention all the important facts about your listing add a brief : '' if you like to see more flower paintings please follow this link ..... ( link to your section where you have more similar paintings,or single listing ) .
This is why categorizing your items correctly and in a relevant way helps.
This way you keep the buyer in your shop and spark their curiosity to browse more.

Add a long descriptive title. Etsy does not penalize ''keyword stuffing'' in titles, so add whatever terms you think are relevant, even if you repeat them.
Start your title with the description of your item. For example you are selling a small original landscape oil painting, done in an impressionist style. Your title could look like: 
''Original Impressionist Oil Painting, Small Landscape Handpainted Wall Art. Blue, Pink and Red Painting, 5x6'' ''
Make sure you repeat these terms in your keywords too!
For example your keywords could look like ''Small Painting, Original Painting, Impressionist Art, Countryside Art, Handpainted Art, Landscape Painting, Pink Red, Blue Painting etc ''

I always use colors that are relevant for the work in my titles and keywords. People actually search for colors!

* Very important - Use all your Keywords preferably with phrases (Two or more words) try to avoid single keywords like: "painting, landscape, original, art, etc.".
Instead be more specific about your keywords and repeat most of your title in them. 

Do not copy keywords exactly from one listing to another. Variation is the key!

..more to follow soon! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.
Please share this post with your friends or whoever could make some use of the information.

Colored pencil drawing finished!

My drawing has finally been finished here is the result!
I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils on hahnemuhle cornwall watercolor paper.
Sadly i did not manage to submit my work to the colored pencil magazine challenge group as Yahoo just would not let me register my account.
The drawing is available in my Etsy shop.

For a reference here are some more stages of the drawing on its way to completion.
I have been busy with a move and was not able to update the blog for a while.