Saturday, 5 September 2015

Step by step drawing 'Red Glass"

Here are some progress photos that i took during the making of my "Red Glass" colored pencil drawing. The drawing is made using Coloursoft Pencils and Prismacolor Colored Pencils on a 8x11 Inch pastel paper.

If anyone would be interested in a more detailed tutorial on colored pencil drawing and techniques please leave a comment below and i will add more posts in the future to cover your requests.

 I started out with the top half of the glass pitcher and worked my way down. I used multiple tones of reds and grays to get the shading. 

 Here you can see the different tones of red that are on my drawing. The white on the drawing is done with the white Prismacolor Pencil.

 The details on the bottom half of the pitcher took the longest as i wanted to make sure they where all in the right position not to disturb the eye.

This is the final result. I added in some white gel pen highlights to really make the reflections pop out. 

The drawing can be purchased here