Thursday, 30 April 2015

Shop for abstract watercolors

I recently re-opened my first Etsy shop where i am selling my original watercolor abstracts and will soon be adding prints and pillow covers with my art.
Most likely the prints will be added first, but check back often for updates.

You can find these paintings - here -

Butterfly colored pencil drawing

I especially enjoy drawing with colored pencils. My style is realism and photo-realism.
Below i am sharing a step by step drawing of a Blue Morpho butterfly. I am using Prismacolor premier and Derwent Coloursoft on Stonehenge 8x11 paper.

Step 1 - outlines and base color

Step 2 - defining the shadow areas and adding more layers of color to achieve a depth effect

Step 3 - adding more shades, in accordance to the reference photo i am using

Step 4 - adding some of the background details 

Step 5 - more background added 

Step 6 - working on the background and refining the details on the butterfly. Once the background is added, i can see better if the butterfly needs more work or deeper shadows 

The finished drawing 

This drawing can be purchased - here -

Welcome to my new blog

I am happy to have the chance to share some of my work, progress, tutorials and art resources with you!

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